Do You Want to Be Rapunzel! Let’s Get A Crown Hair Products!

The average hair growth rate is from 1 to 1.5 cm per month. To speed up this slow process, you need to provide additional care and nutrition to the scalp and hair, and also try to eliminate the factors that have a negative effect. Often the cause of slow hair growth is the lack of vitamins and minerals that enter the body with food. In this case, a quick and effective correction of the situation requires a special approach, which includes several points.

First, you should consult a trichologist who will evaluate the condition of the hair and the general condition of the body and decide which vitamin complex is best for you. Plus, good nutrition will help in turning into Rapunzel. The diet should be enriched with foods containing protein, meat (preferably red), greens and vegetables containing the necessary vitamins and minerals. Do not forget about the care and constantly make masks for the scalp and hair.

The choice of a multivitamin complex should also occur in conjunction with a trichologist. In this case, it is advisable to give preference to those complexes that, in addition to vitamins, also have useful trace elements - calcium, iron, zinc, selenium, magnesium and others. The most important for hair are B vitamins; you will notice a lack of them by a change in the quality of the hair and hair loss.

Nothing Make Your Hair Well

If you do everything but your hair is not growing. Your solution way is going on from hair transplant. But after hair transplant you need to care hair more carefully. We offer you After Hair Transplant Hair Repair Shampoo 250 Ml

First of all use this it has poppy, horse chestnut, sage and tea tree, also you need foam and tablets. Please check products for this link.