Hair is Complicated or What?

Hair loss stop with just hair transplant, but after you lose all your hair. Know everything about hair.

Hair grows from the scalp and is its extensions. The scalp performs several functions and plays an important role in the life of our body:

  • protects from mechanical damage and external influences;
  • regulates body temperature;
  • produces sebum and sweat;
  • some protein breakdown products produce uric and butyric acid.

Should you have heard the expression "skin breaths"? Therefore, it is the gas exchange that is understood as skin breathing between human skin and the environment.

This means the first rule of professional care:

Hair care do not forget to monitor the condition of the scalp. Healthy hair grows from healthy skin.

Head hair grows erratically. It depends on gender, age, nationality and ethnicity. For example, in Mongols, hair is generally longer than Europeans by nature.

  • Mongoloid (Asia) - thick, sometimes slightly curly hair;
  • Europe - thin, straight or curly, often curls;
  • Negroid - very thick, curly, very curly hair.

The amount of hair in different people is also not the same and ranges from 50 to 150 thousand.

There is a relationship between hair color, amount and thickness. A greater density of brunettes (over 100 thousand), and red hair - less. Most of them have blond hair. Dark hair is often harder and the hair themselves are larger. Blonde hair is usually thin and soft.

By nature, the hair of men and women has the same structure. Due to the predominance of testosterone in men, his hair is stiffer, stronger and thicker. The scalp in men is thicker and has more hair follicles, sweat and sebaceous glands.

In all respects, men's hair is more adapted to the effects of negative factors - the effects of cold, heat, temperature changes, salt or chlorinated water.

At the same time, men have more frequent hair problems than women. According to statistics, about 80% of men began to notice that their hair is falling rapidly and thinning until the age of 25-35.

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