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All causes of hair loss can be divided into two large groups.

The first is an increased sensitivity of the body to testosterone. It is the influence of the male sex hormone that causes androgenetic alopecia - male pattern baldness, which, alas, often affects women. At the same time, hair thins primarily at the temples, and then at the crown. In women, hair loss due to androgenetic alopecia rarely reaches the same catastrophic scale as in men, usually they are protected by female hormones, but the thinning of the hairline is enough to cause a lot of trouble.

Hair loss due to the increased sensitivity of hair follicles to hormones cannot be stopped with any vitamins, shampoos or masks. The only reliable remedy is drugs that completely block the effect of hormones on hair follicles or hair transplant will be solution. Use such funds will have for life.

The second group of causes of hair loss is a condition in which the normal nutrition of the roots is disturbed. It could be:

Protein deficiency in food. The structure of hair is, first of all, protein, and the body needs building material in order to create a thick and strong hair. If the protein does not get enough, the body will send it to other targets. For example, to ensure the normal functioning of enzymes, to build bones, ligaments and muscles - in short, for everything that is necessary for everyday survival; we offer you After Hair Transplant Advanced Hair Multivitamin Tablet 60, before or after hair transplant or having a perfect hair you can use this. İt has B and H vitamins.

After Hair Transplant Advanced Hair Multivitamin Tablet 60

Tablet has biotin and keratin; after hair transplant your hair follicles will be more strong and also hair will be shinny!

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