Men! Be Attention, Beard Care Oil List For you!

For owners of hard vegetation on faces, which cannot be laid, and it is not very pleasant to the touch, special beard care is required. This will help:

Coconut: Makes hair obedient and soft, thanks to the unique components contained in it. It is very effective in dealing with brittle hair. The application method is standard - at night. No contraindications were found, except for allergies.

Flaxseed; Very rich in vitamins and minerals. Using it for beard care, you can improve blood circulation and stimulate rapid growth. With it, dry skin is not terrible, and the beard will always have a well-groomed appearance.

To get the most effect, apply oil to the beard, wrap it in cellophane or a towel and let it soak for several hours. Then rinse thoroughly, only with warm water. We recommend using cold-pressed oil.

Olive; Provides healthy shine, silkiness and neatness to hair. Improves the process of combing, which is important for men who regularly stack a beard. Hair becomes less brittle. The application is similar to almond (apply, wrap, rinse with warm water, dry), but you can use it about 2-3 times a week.

What Stimulates Growth?

If you are faced with a problem of hair growth, then it is worth trying products based on plant extract. It is these substances that can trigger growth by improving metabolism. Already after a couple of weeks you will see a huge difference: where there were bald spots, stubble forms there, which then becomes a long beard. If you are worried about discomfort from such ingredients, then you should not. Wherever they are present, there are special additional oils that soften their effect, because in every remedy, in addition to the growth function, there is also hydration and nutrition.

Crown Hair Beard Repair Serum

We already discussed it, yes, up (in What Stimulates Growth?) beard care we mention about it, but it belongs to this category and perfectly meets expectations. Strengthens roots, moisturizes and activates follicles. After its application, the skin becomes supple and resilient.

It can be used both in the usual way and advanced with a greenhouse effect.