Men! Do You Care Your Hair Well!

The amount of hair on the head averages about 100,000. From 50 to 100 hairs can fall out per day - this is the norm. But if more falls out - then this is an occasion to start worrying. First of all, you need to contact a trichologist, who will already direct you to the necessary tests and identify the true cause of the problem.

By observing the hair wash ritual regularly, we all do not choose products that suit our hair type. Thus, owners of oily hair can use shampoo for dry, and vice versa. It is very important to look at the signs on the packaging of the product in order not to damage the scalp and hair.

Shampoos for oily hair contain ingredients designed to regulate the activity of the sebaceous glands, reduce the amount of sebum secreted so that the hair is beautiful and has a healthy shine. It can contain plant extracts, vitamins, zinc for oily hair.

If you use such products for dry hair, it will greatly dry the scalp, cause itching, redness and irritation, making the hair brittle.

For dry hair, there are special lines with the corresponding mark. Contains nourishing, moisturizing and moisture-retaining ingredients - oils, panthenol, vitamins.

Normal hair is marked by lines that are not overloaded with nutrients and drying ingredients.

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Do Not Use Baby Shampoos After Hair Transplant

In various forums, a new fashion trend is actively discussed. It concerns the use of an adult of children's cosmetics, especially shampoos. One of the messages says, "It makes hair ideal for soft, sensitive scalp, does not cause irritation, does not contain harmful substances".

True, forum participants are not aware of some nuances. The scalp of an adult is different in acidity from a baby's scalp, and the ingredients found in shampoos for babies are not designed to wash an adult's hair. In addition, such products do not protect colored wires from leakage of color. Adults are best served with cosmetics specially designed for them. If you want to buy ideal shampoo go!