The Best Beard Care

A rule that must not be violated! Beard care products should be applied only to clean hair and skin. Ideal when you steam them, that is, after a shower. So, the oil will better penetrate the follicles. Otherwise there will be an untidy look, smell and tactile sensations, as well as clogged pores. But be sure to wait until the beard is completely dry.

So, the basis has been prepared, let's move on to the direct application:

Put 2-3 drops of oil on your palm and rub it between your fingers. A more accurate amount can be counted with a pipette.

Start rubbing beard repair oil into your skin. Walk all the way along the entire length and density.

Comb the beard with a brush, preferably from natural bristles. So, it is distributed and absorbed faster.

A Few Recommendations:

The expression “The more the better” is not suitable for this case. If you apply too much beard growth product, you will only cause unpleasant sensations, severity and even little harm. If you accidentally went too far with a portion, then simply pat it with a paper towel.

Do not mix products from different rulers, because they may have incompatible formulations.

If you tint your beard, then you do not need to apply oil immediately after staining. Otherwise, the color may change dramatically.

After trimming or cutting your beard, apply oil to the trimmed ends to soften and nourish with healthy vitamins.

The Principle of Action:

Crown Hair Beard Repair Serum; Protects from ultraviolet rays and helps to increase the density of hair. It becomes less bald spots and protects the tips from brittleness. The application method is different from the standard. It is required to distribute a small amount of the product along its entire length, wrap it in a towel and hold it for a couple of hours. Then rinse thoroughly with warm water.