Types of Beard Repair Oils and Rules for Their Use

It goes well with coconut or burdock. To get a more pleasant aroma, we recommend adding any essential oil. But if you have a tendency to allergies, you need to be careful in choosing beard repair oils supplements.

It is very cheap, due to its fat content. A small bottle may last for several months.

Apply a couple of drops in the palm of your hand before going to bed and rub into your face, In the morning, be sure to rinse your hair so that there is no excess. It can be used both daily in small portions, and 2 times a week, as an addition to basic care.

From experience, we say that after applying oil, the result will appear in about 3 weeks. The beard will become much thicker and longer.

Burdock equal in popularity. Many women use it as an enhancer of hair growth on the head, so it is also applicable to the beard. Use beard repair oils just a little bit, because it is very heavy.

Beard repair oils can be mixed with other types. Ethers will also be appropriate, choose to your taste, the main thing is to observe the proportions. For 1 tablespoon, up to 5 drops of ether. It is applied in the same way. Rub massage into the skin of the face, always before bedtime.

If these 2 types are too heavy or you have oily skin, then pay attention to lighter options: flaxseed, coconut, avocado oil, mango, jojoba and others.

Crown Hair Beard Repair Serum is an excellent budget tool for hair growth. Sold in specialty web site. If you don’t want to do mix wrong oils but it! It will care your bread and also skin for a long time. One bottle enough for a few months.