Parties of the Contract

Seller: Shotof BV. (will be used as "Crown Hair" in this contract) Shotof BV is located at: Starstraat 40 Rotterdam 3077ZE, Netherlands

Phone: +31 6 29277372 E-mail:

Buyer: Customer

Subject of the Contract

The subject of this contract is to define the rights and liabilities of the parties in accordance with the articles of Law Nr. 4077, on the Protection of Consumers and the Regulation on Implementation of Distance Sale, regarding the sale and delivery of the Buyers goods, the qualifications and sales prices of which are defined in the contract, ordered online from website, by the Buyer. In accordance with the terms and conditions of this contract, the Buyer agrees and acknowledges that he/she has all preliminary information on the basic qualifications, selling price, form of payment, delivery conditions, etc. related to the services subject to the purchase and that he/she has the right to “retract”, and that he/she has previously accepted these information in digital media and then ordered the said services. The preliminary information on the payment page of the www.Crown Hair and the invoice are integral parts of this contract.

Date of the Contract

This contract issued in two copies has been signed by the Seller in advance and signed on this day of ………..

Delivery of Goods

As ordered by the Buyer, the goods will be delivered at

Declarations and Responsibilities of the Buyer

The Buyer will examine the goods subject to the contract before completing payment.
Declarations and Responsibilities of the Seller

The Seller is responsible for delivering the goods subject to the contract in full in accordance with the specifications stated in the order.

Specifications of the Goods Subject to the Contract

The goods types, quantities, features and prices, inclusive of all taxes are as stated on the goods pricing page of the website www.Crown Hair and on the invoice which is an integral part of this contract.

Payment Plan

In the event that the buyer chooses the payment by credit card option and prefers to pay in installments, the payment plan he/she has selected on the website will be valid. The terms and conditions of the credit card agreement signed between the Buyer and the bank that has issued the credit card he/she uses, shall be applicable in the payment plan. The credit card payment terms are also defined by the terms and conditions of the credit card agreement signed between the Buyer and the bank. The Buyer can follow the terms and number of payments from the bank statement.

Right to Retract

The Buyer reserves the right to retract before the delivery of the goods to himself/herself, or the person/company he/she has authorized. To exercise the right to retract, the Buyer will inform the customer services of the Seller by email or phone, and also the goods must not have been approved by Crown Hair.

Goods Excluded From the Right to Retract

The goods that cannot be returned due to their nature are services that have been approved and delivered by Crown Hair

Defaults and Legal Consequences

In the event that the Buyer defaults on credit card payments, he/she will pay interest in accordance with the credit card agreement he/she has made with the bank and will be liable against the bank. In this case, the bank may take legal action against and demand compensation of all related costs and fees of counsel from the Buyer and in any case, if the Buyer is on default, the Buyer agrees to pay the Sellers damage due to delayed payment of the debt.

Validity of the Contract

Crown Hair reserves the right to make amendments in the terms and conditions of the contract whenever necessary.

Applicable Law

In case of disputes that may arise due to this contract, the Consumers Arbitration Boards are competent up to a certain value determined by the Ministry of Industry and Commerce, the Consumers Courts beyond that value and the Civil Courts where the Consumers Courts do not exist.